Terms and conditions

You may use low resolution pictures as presented on this site for student reports, or scientific presentations for free, if credits are given to the photographer and website, and no alterations are made to the photographs. Use for non commercial websites after permission request, which is usually granted. Any other use of our material is allowed only if a license is purchased by Bugsinthepicture. Please understand that production of our photographs and artwork is a time consuming and costly process, which requires expensive equipment. We can continue this work only if you respect copyright laws.

If you want to use a photo from Bugsinthepicture, you can send us a request by email. We supply images and movies for magazines, covers, advertisements, websites, broadcasting etc., from stock or on demand; and digital artwork for posters, flyers and book covers.

Fine art prints can be ordered on canvas or Kodak professional endura paper.

Terms of use:

  1. All images on this site are worldwide copyrighted © BugsinthePicture.
  2. Any use of our material is allowed only if a licence is granted by BugsinthePicture.
  3. Licences are, if granted, only for one-time, non-exclusive use, unless agreed otherwise in a written permission.
  4. Licences become valid only after payment of the invoice.
  5. In all cases of reproduction, a credit line must be visible with the name of the photographer followed by (BugsinthePicture.com). On websites, a link to www.bugsinthepicture.com must be included.
  6. Images will be delivered by email, FTP or on CD. After publishing, all digital and printed material has to be destroyed.
  7. Lost or damaged material must be claimed within 8 days of (expected) arrival. Claims made after 8 days will not be processed.
  8. Clients have to check that all reproduction rights which may be required for publication are obtained, including model releases.
  9. BugsinthePicture will not be liable for costs or damage resulting from use of images, digital artwork etc, from business interruption, loss of profits by a client or any third parties.
  10. For digital artwork made by BugsinthePicture (poster, cover or flyer) both clients and BugsinthePicture have to approve final press proofs of artwork before publishing. Bugsinthepicture will not be liable for any errors found after approval